Why Parent Life?

While they may have access to medical or economic assistance, most teen parents feel disengaged, forgotten, and judged. Intentional friendships in a safe and welcoming environment with authentic, Christ-sharing adults create an atmosphere of acceptance in which teen parents’ lives are transformed.

What is Parent Life? 

Parent Life is a mentoring program and support group that connects pregnant and parenting teens with equipped, supportive, and encouraging adults. Our strategy is to help teen parents develop a way of living taught by Jesus Christ. We do this by drawing teen parents together with mentor leaders who engage young moms and dads in activities and lessons focused on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of life.

What Does Parent Life do?

Parent Life ministry sites uniquely practice Loving Relationships through the balanced combination of three Relational Ministry Action’s:

FREQUENT CONNECTIONS - We enter the environment of teen parents and invite them to connect with peers and loving adults through small and large group gatherings.

STRATEGIC RELATIONSHIPS - Through small group, individual mentoring, and intentional appointments, our ministry teams develop transformational friendships with teen parents.

SPECIAL EVENTS - We play together! We celebrate life, visit the zoo, share meals, and spend summer days at camp or at parks. By intentionally participating in fun events, we build trust and transformational friendships.

What Does Parent Life Look Like? 

Parent Life provides weekly support group meetings for pregnant and parenting teens.  We currently meet on Tuesday nights from 6-8pm. Free childcare is available during group meetings. Dinner is also provided for teens and their babies at Parent Life group.

Parent Life has a Baby Boutique! Enrolled parents can earn points called Baby Bucks to buy things they need for their children in our Baby Boutique. Parents will also recieve a pack of diapers each week as an incentive to attend the group meeting and stay the whole time.

We offer a peer leaders program for parents who will soon be aging out of our program.  Peer leaders are a small group of young parents who have been trained to share their stories with their peers at youth groups, schools and other events.  Our goal is that this will be a preventative initiative to reach out to younger teens with the hard realities of parenting at a young age before they make choices that lead them to become pregnant.