January 2015

Posted on by Renee Morales

Being a young parent often means juggling many roles. Life can get so busy or full of stress that it's hard to think about what you want life to look like.

As we kicked off 2015 at Parent Life with close to 50 teen moms and dads, the focus of our first meeting was on setting specific educational, employment, spiritual, health, personal and parenting goals for the year.

Some great goals were talked about in small groups. Some of our parents are working on starting college. Others want to keep their grades up so they
can graduate high school. Some are striving to be more independent or move up in their position at work. Some want to live a more healthy lifestyle.

My favorite was a young mom who said she doesn't know anything about God, but she would like to get to know Him this year! I think that is the best decision anyone could make!

Will you join our staff in praying for our Parent Life families as they take steps to reach the goals they've set for themselves this year?

Thank you for investing in the lives of our teen parents and their children. Together we are making a difference two generations at at a time!

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