Category: Their Stories

Myra’s Story

9/22/2015 in Category Their Stories

"I remember coming to Lubbock and not having anything to my name but two babies, a mattress and clothes. I didn't even have any food. I went to live at Women's Protective Services. I can't... More

Devin’s Story

8/25/2015 in Category Their Stories

"Sixteen, pregnant and lost is where I feel like adulthood started for me. But I didn't understand the weight of my decision to keep my baby until a week before my due date. That is when... More

Brandee’s Story

8/11/2015 in Category Their Stories

"Hi! I'm Brandee and my sons name is Zaedyn and here's a little about my story.

I had a really hard time with depression and anxiety earlier in life. I hung out with some not so good... More

Tiffany’s Story

7/27/2015 in Category Their Stories

"I was 16 when I found out I was pregnant and had my daughter at 17. Two months later my mom passed away. I had a million questions about how to care for my new baby. There are so many... More

Samantha’s Story

7/20/2015 in Category Their Stories

"A month after I graduated high school I found out I was pregnant. I was so mad at myself. We had been careful and the last thing we needed was a new baby. My boyfriend already had a 4... More