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Congrats 2016 Graduates!

6/15/2016 in Category Devin & Mike's Newsletter

Becoming a parent at any age is one of the most difficult steps in life. Imagine giving life to a child while you are still in high school. Teen parents must deal with a baby at night,... More

June 2016

6/15/2016 in Category Renee's Newsletter

Every year around Mother’s Day, we hold an overnight retreat called ‘Moms Night In’ to celebrate our Parent Life moms. Too often, our girls hear criticism and judgement about their... More

May 2016

6/15/2016 in Category Renee's Newsletter

I often talk about the teen moms we work with at Parent Life, but did you know we also actively reach out to young dads as well? Over the last few years our dads program has steadily grown.... More

April 2016

6/15/2016 in Category Renee's Newsletter

It's been a few months since you've heard from me, and I apologize for that. We hit the ground running at the beginning of 2016 here at Parent Life and time seems to have flown by at... More

November/December 2015

6/15/2016 in Category Renee's Newsletter

This year has been a tough year for many of our young parents and their children. A few weeks ago our Parent Life staff helped one young mom through a very scary and uncertain time in her... More