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Selena’s Story

6/30/2015 in Category Their Stories

"When I was 4 my dad left us. Soon after that, my mom dropped me and my 4 siblings off at daycare and just never came back. The owners of the daycare called CPS and they called my... More

Cynthia’s Story

6/23/2015 in Category Their Stories

"Coming to Parent Life has helped me grow closer to God than ever before. I feel him everywhere I go.

When I wake up.

Before bed.

Driving in the car.

He is everywhere.

I knew Him... More

Sidney’s Story

6/16/2015 in Category Their Stories

"I was really good at softball and I was on the drumline for band. I was going out on weekends having fun like a normal teenager.

When I found out I was pregnant, I was really upset. I... More

Kelsey’s Story

6/9/2015 in Category Their Stories

"I'm going to be COMPLETELY honest. I was 14 when I first got pregnant.

It was under awful, terrible and scary circumstances and I was not the best person. I loved drugs and drinking.... More

June 2015

6/1/2015 in Category Renee's Newsletter

There were two warring tribes in the Andes, one that lived in the lowlands and the other high in the mountains.  The mountain people invaded the lowlanders one day and as part of their... More