Myra’s Story

Posted on by Renee Morales

"I remember coming to Lubbock and not having anything to my name but two babies, a mattress and clothes. I didn't even have any food. I went to live at Women's Protective Services. I can't tell you how many times I cried and cried, how lost and scared I was because I was alone in a different town with two kids.

One day, I found myself sitting on a bench at Guadalupe Economic Service Center and the lady who was giving me food and clothes vouchers and papers of stuff I needed handed me a paper and said, "here is a place I heard about for teen parents. It could benefit you and maybe you will make friends." At the time I was on probation and had nothing. She insisted I get a GED or diploma and figure out how to get my life back in order and she gave me the number to Parent Life and told me to call.

I called and Renee told me to come to Parent Life on Tuesday night. She said I was welcome to bring my two kids, that I would get a pack of pampers for each kid and more importantly they would feed us.

The very first time I went to Parent Life, I was so nervous. I walked in and sat down with another girl and her baby. We talked a lot and became friends. I went home and wondered how could a place I just went to for the first time be so full of kind people and so giving to me? They didn't know me or know I was in need but they gave me leftovers from dinner to take home. I didn't even say I had no food because I was embarrassed to admit it, but they gave me food. I almost cried because they gave me everything I was stressing about with open arms.

I kept going to Parent Life and I gained so many friends. More importantly, I gained a relationship with Christ. It's so crazy how you can change the bad influences in your life for positive ones and your life goes from bad to amazing. I didn't have it all, but I grew everyday to love Christ more, to trust him, to not fight everything with anger and to be the best person I can be to people. I was shown how to solve hard situations that came my way and learned how to parent the right way.

Eventually I aged out and became a mentor to some beautiful teen mothers and their babies. I loved being looked up to. I loved giving positive advice to them if they needed it. I loved listening to them when they needed it. In four years I had come so far and it felt really good to be able to give back to other girls who were struggling with the same things I once struggled with."

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