March 2015

Posted on by Renee Morales

Over the last month we have had several big events keeping us busy at Parent Life. Four times a year we partner with Monterey Church of Christ in
hosting a baby shower for teen moms who are expecting or have delivered during that time frame. The goal of these showers are not to promote teen
pregnancy, but rather to celebrate life. We recognize that Parent Life moms had several options to choose from when they became pregnant and they chose life for their babies. We celebrate that new life and are here to walk alongside these young moms (and dads) as they begin the journey of raising
a child. At our Spring baby shower we celebrated 5 precious babies and their moms and dads who chose life!

Every year around Valentines Day, we have a night of friendly competition between our Parent Life moms and dads at our Battle of the Sexes. This
year’s challenges had the teams creating an Academy Award worthy gown out of newspaper, shooting targets with an airsoft gun, and completing an
obstacle course where they had to throw nerf footballs while wearing high heels! The teams also competed in our epic Battle of the Sexes trivia challenge. We ended the night with a chance for the teen parents to ask a panel of mentor moms and dads their questions on relationships and life. Many of the questions asked really showed how confusing and challenging the world of teen relationships can be and how so many of them long for the unconditional love that can only be found in a relationship with Christ.

Finally, we have been hosting a Diaper Drive throughout the months of February and March. Being a parent is challenging even in the best of circumstances. For many young families, an adequate supply of diapers is a tangible way to reduce the parent's stress while improving the health and
development of their child. Parent Life Lubbock is currently the only ministry in Lubbock that provides diapers on a regular basis. We serve around 50 families and parents earn the diapers each time they attend Parent Life classes. So far our diaper drive has raised approximately 3500
diapers! Two local high school boys heard about the drive and rallied all of their friends and family together to fill their truck with diapers! We
are so thankful for all who have contributed to the diaper drive so far. We will continue to collect diapers in an effort to continue providing this incentive to our teen families throughout 2015. Please contact me at 806-535-5486 if you would like to drop off diapers or schedule a time for me to come pick up your donation.

Thank you all for continuing to partner with the Parent Life ministry serving Lubbock. Your prayers and financial support make all of this possible!

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