Devin’s Story

Posted on by Renee Morales

"Sixteen, pregnant and lost is where I feel like adulthood started for me. But I didn't understand the weight of my decision to keep my baby until a week before my due date. That is when his father left me. I was attending Parent Life while I was pregnant, but remained distant. I came for diapers, and only diapers.

After my son was born, the reality of my life with a baby was filled with a heavy chaotic air. But for two hours once a week, I got to escape reality to a place that turned into my safe haven. The people at Parent Life became my family. I was a 17 year old single mom, working full time and relying on drugs to numb the pain. Parent life was where I turned for everything. The most important blessing I received was the seed that was planted in my heart there....the love of God.

My heart was not easily won, however. For so many years, I was like a prisoner that had chains on one side and a savior pulling on the other. Eventually, my savior won my heart and the chains were broken. That is the best decision I ever made.

A month before my son turned one, I ran into Michael, a friend from junior high. After dating several months, he started coming to Parent Life with me. Together we learned how to be a blended family. Parent Life helped us learn how to co-parent with my son's biological dad.

At the age of 20, Mike and I had another little boy. This was a rough time in our life. We went from a three person family to a family of four. We were also transitioning from being on the receiving end at Parent Life to being on the giving end.

We both aged out of the Parent Life program at the age of 21, but we never really left. Parent life has been our home. We grew spiritually and emotionally there. We were even married at the Parent Life ministry center!

After serving passionately as volunteers with Parent Life for three years, we went to a regional Youth for Christ conference where God spoke very clearly to us. He showed us that our testimony was all a part of his perfect plan for our lives. It was time for us to submit to the will of God and work full time at Parent Life. So we began the process of coming on staff at the place that had changed our lives.

Who knew that diapers and dinner for a single, struggling, drug addicted mom would turn into a life calling for us as a married couple to pour back into the lives of other young parents who are facing the same struggles we once faced and overcame!"

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