Anthony’s Story

Posted on by Renee Morales

"When I had my firstborn, it was a shock. Having kids at this point in my life was not how I imagined things going. But since then, I've realized my kids make my life complete. The best thing about being a dad is watching my children grow up. I want to see if my parents were right when they said my kids will be 10 times worse than I was! I love getting off of work, having my kids jump all over me and getting the biggest hug I could ask for. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I have dyslexia and I struggled throughout school with it. I still struggle in everyday life. Being a parent and having dyslexia go hand in hand. With both you learn to never give up. Knowing my kids might struggle also helps empower me so they will see you can still function in everyday life even when there are big obstacles to overcome. Now I can say one of my greatest accomplishments is graduating high school and starting college.

I go to Parent Life each week for the food. No, seriously I come to meet new people and learn new ways to deal with my kids, my relationship, and everyday life. But the food is a plus too!

At Parent Life we talk about God. I know my relationship with God could be better, but I grow everyday closer and wiser in His knowledge. My family encourages me and we all attend church together. I'd say having a relationship with God is one of my best choices in life...for me as well as my kids"

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