Alexis’ Story

7/14/2015 in Category Their Stories

"I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I was 9 and sometimes I don't realize how quickly I get frustrated. It's not easy, but as time goes by I'm learning to control all my emotions... More

Anthony’s Story

7/7/2015 in Category Their Stories

"When I had my firstborn, it was a shock. Having kids at this point in my life was not how I imagined things going. But since then, I've realized my kids make my life complete. The best... More

Selena’s Story

6/30/2015 in Category Their Stories

"When I was 4 my dad left us. Soon after that, my mom dropped me and my 4 siblings off at daycare and just never came back. The owners of the daycare called CPS and they called my... More

Cynthia’s Story

6/23/2015 in Category Their Stories

"Coming to Parent Life has helped me grow closer to God than ever before. I feel him everywhere I go.

When I wake up.

Before bed.

Driving in the car.

He is everywhere.

I knew Him... More

Sidney’s Story

6/16/2015 in Category Their Stories

"I was really good at softball and I was on the drumline for band. I was going out on weekends having fun like a normal teenager.

When I found out I was pregnant, I was really upset. I... More